Networking with Women and Youth Education


Women of Asia, despite differences in faith, culture, or race, are bound together by a common vision of peace, dignity, security, and fullness of life for all. WFWP Asia is dedicated to uniting women to take action for the moral education and healing of our families and societies. Through empowerment educational programs, we are helping women in the region acknowledge their unique value and responsibility to contribute to a world of love and peace.

Our main goals in Asia are:

1. Empowerment of women in Asia

2. Reinforcement of family values and a sound upbringing of children?

3. Building partnerships for peace through cooperation of women ?

4. Eliminating violence and safeguard women's Security
In order to achieve these goals, we have been promoting and developing three major activities in Asia, which are: poverty eradication projects targeting the empowerment of women and children; the peace-building "Bridge of Peace" sisterhood project; and reinforce the Global Women's Peace Network in Asia.
Poverty Eradication Projects are service projects including building and running schools and vocational centers; micro-credit programs, foster parents and scholarship programs, agricultural and food aid, education programs for AIDS prevention, sanitation and nutrition guidance and medical aid.
WFWP Asia is focusing on how NGOs and women leaders in Asia can build a strong network and work together towards reconciliation, unity and co-prosperity as one global family.