Peru: History and activities

Our current reach in Peru was established with the help of Japanese volunteers who laid the foundation in various cities in the mid 90s. The focus in those early years was on the education of family values in more impoverished regions. Since 2014, we have expanded our efforts to include forums, our signature Bridge of Peace ceremonies, talks on family values and women in the workforce, and cultural events. 

Our dedicated team is working in 60 Family Centres in Huaycan, one of the poorest districts of Lima, Puno and Trujillo, with the financial support of WFWP Japan. We provide relief and education on family values, as well as a bi-annual seminar for women.

We are building a network by reaching out to other NGOs dealing with women's issues. Our efforts have brought together 20 groups of women and we now have a connection with a large group of women in the Andean mountain city of Ayacucho, an area affected by terrorism from 1980 to 2000. We provide talks, internal support and work together with local women in an effort to bring peace in the area.