Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo WFWP chapter has attracted a great number of eminent women leaders through their conferences, debates and various community projects over the years. Ministers, heads of political parties, Governors, Princesses, the daughters of a Tribal Chief, lawyers, university professors, and Presidents of NGOs and Syndicates have expressed great interest and appreciation for the ethical and ideological content presented to them. They felt enriched by their experience; many have received the WFWP Ambassador for Peace award and have decided to join our activities and projects. The DR Congo WFWP has a membership of 250, still in its young stage of development.

The DR Congo is a large country with 26 provinces. However, it lacks road infrastructure. This has affected greatly the development of WFWP throughout the country. WFWP hopes to find a stable headquarters and transportation means to facilitate and develop new branches in other provinces. Office equipment such as computers, projectors, cameras and other items are also needed to provide better educational programmes for women, young people and those involved in outreach programs, community support and educational activities. WFWP supports projects to create financial independence for women, such as sewing classes. It also facilitates the integration of women and young people in community-based projects. In addition to these, they are also developing agro-pastoral projects, some already designed and implemented.

(Translated from French to English and submitted by Françoise Murphy, WFWP UK)
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