66th - WFWPI Workshop

Toward Inclusive, Harmonious Societies and Sustainable Peace:
Four Case Studies


66th DPI/NGO Conference - WFWPI Workshop

The Women's Federation for World Peace, International (WFWPI) held a workshop under the theme, "Toward Inclusive, Harmonious Societies and Sustainable Peace: Four Case Studies" at the 66th United Nations Department of Public Information Non-Governmental Organizations (DPI/NGO) Conference held in Gyeongju, South Korea. The workshop was held as a side event organized by the WFWPI, and was well attended by international WFWP members and members of other participating NGOs at the conference. The four panelists shared presentations in relation to their work and expertise in the field of peace-making in communities, society and nation.


Moderator Mrs. Alexa Ward, Deputy Director, WFWPI UN Office, greeted the audience members and later introduced the WFWP, International President, Yeon Ah Moon. President Moon warmly welcomed those in attendance and stated that the purpose of the workshop was to gather experts from various fields and form partnerships for the cooperation and cause of world peace.


Mrs. Moriko Hori, President of WFWP Japan, presented her speech titled, "WFWPI Overseas Volunteer Activities: Humanitarian Projects and Beyond." Mrs. Hori introduced the overseas projects of WFWP Japan, which began since 1994. The work of the volunteers not only provided international experience and education for the youth volunteers, but also the establishment of opportunities and well-being for the citizens and communities. Currently, there are about 100 WFWP projects in 49 countries of the world that focus on nurturing and educating women and youth through academic education and vocational training, as well as instruction on building sustainable living environments centered on ethics, dignity and the inclusion of women.

Ms. Svjetlana Jovic, Team Leader of Civil Affairs Officer United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), spoke of the Syrian crisis, explaining that 51 percent of the refugees are children. Ms. Jovic was able to make the audience aware of the Syrian issue being the largest refugee and displacement crises. UNIFIL in partnership with WFWPI as well as other UN factions, foundations, corporations and NGOs, have been able to provide humanitarian aid, education and recreational activities for the refugee children in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. One recent trend that the UNIFL has been implementing was the use of the internet being an access for the continuation of academic education in emergency situations.

Ms. Jeong Hae Ahn-Kim, President of Women Making Peace, introduced the history of colonialism, militarism and patriarchy that occurred in the North and South of Korea, and spoke about the South Korean women's efforts for peace and reconciliation through conferences and peace marches. Ms. Kim stated that women were affected by war and militarism, and must be a part of the decision making process to end the civil and international unrest.

Ms. Christelle Ngama, Vice-chair of Mothers of Congo, is a young woman at the age of 27 and has been involved in several voluntary works for her home country the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Ms. Ngama stated that the pressure group, Mothers of Congo is in pursuit to restore the unstable political situation in the DRC, prevent sexual violence against women, preserve the Congolese culture and to empower individuals and communities to become global citizens. Ms. Ngama also stated that women and mothers have the substantial role of implementing justice and dignity to people of the DRC as the process of peace-building in the country.

The workshop was followed with a question and answer session, and the conclusion that harmonious societies can be attained through international partnerships, humanitarian service, inclusion of women and youth and the involvement of dedicated global citizens for the building of sustainable peace.