Education & Refugees

Access to Education and Security for Refugee Children, Women & Youth

APRIL 13, 2016 - UN VIENNA  

Leaving No One Behind

The conference was hosted by the WFWP Europe and brought together experts from various NGOs from the political and cultural fields. The conference created the platform through which to share each other's views and experiences in working for the improvement of the refugee education situation in Europe and around the world.

The conference was divided into four sessions, entitled Inclusive Education Field Reports and Interventions, Access to education for refugee children: Policy, practice and commitment, Global Quality Education for Global Citizenship - A Call to Action, and Education and Global Citizenship. There was a coffee break in the middle of the session which afforded participants an opportunity to network and share some personal time with each other.

The content and order of the topics was well-balanced in this event. The speakers were very inspiringly shared, with open hearts, about their efforts to make this world a better place for refugees. All of the speakers shared about their work and experience with great passion.
Particularly interesting was the presentation by Saheeb Majida, a youth education ambassador who spoke in the third session. He spoke very honestly about how we, citizens of rich countries, often take our blessings for granted while there are people who do not even have a roof over their heads. He emphasized the integral roles of awareness and education in changing the present state. His talk was followed by a graduation ceremony of Youth Education Ambassadors. Nineteen young people received certificates for participating in voluntary youth work around the world.

The conference concluded with some talks on global citizenship. One of the final speakers mentioned that changing the world requires passion, not just the sharing of knowledge. This event brought together many passionate people and hopefully they can continue to work passionately together for a good cause.

Presentation by Gabriele Zoehrer