66th - WFWPI Exhibition

WFWPI Exhibition Booth: Toward One Global Family


66th UN DPI/NGO Conference

The United Nations Department of Public Information Non-Governmental Organization (UN DPI/NGO) conference, is the world's largest and most prestigious event for NGOs organized by the UN DPI/NGO. The event was held with the participation and cooperation of NGO representatives and civil society for the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) through discussion and problem solving. The 66th UN DPI/Conference with the theme, "Education for Global Citizenship: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Together" brought attention to education and its role for nurturing youth to have a global mindset in the building of sustainable development for future generations. At the Hwabaek International Convention Center (HICO) 70 International NGOs, social enterprises and UN agencies held booths to show their contribution of the conference theme on education and global citizenship. The booths engaged participants in conversations and exchanged ideas and resources for the achievement of the global goals.


With an exhibition booth at the conference, WFWPI members and WFWPI youth were able to show its worldwide activities in participation of the sustainable development goals and other forms of aid and support the human family. As an international NGO, WFWPI has chapters in each continent as well as UN offices in New York, Vienna and Geneva. The WFWPI exhibition booth featured its past works and activities at the UN, the Middle East, Asia, Japan, Africa and its efforts of education for the unification of the Korean peninsula.

As an international NGO that focuses on humanitarian service, WFWPI supports not only women, but that the ideal of a family is attained with the heart of a true daughter, true wife and true mother. The activities of WFWPI is not limited or concentrated to only one of the SDGs. WFWP chapters attends to the needs of the country, therefore, each activity overlaps with several SDGs.

In addition, the WFWPI booth offered a petition for the 5th UN office in the Korean Peninsula for the realization of peace in the Northeastern region. The development of nuclear activity in North Korea and the need for peace in Northeast Asia signals the installment of a UN Office in the Republic of Korea. Upon arrival at the booth, many people especially the youth and foreigners, were not aware of the present situation between the North and South of Korea. After the explanation many were able see the new vision for the future of Korea and were positive towards the action plan. Some said that they felt that WFWP is making a step forward and in a direction that will bring peace and harmony in the world. The responsibility and duty for the unification of the Korean peninsula does not only pertain to Korea, but in order to help another country there is a need for the unified support of other countries as well.

The UN DPI/NGO Conference proceeded with positive energy, hope and passion to create a community of global citizens. It gave the participants and NGOs strength to realize that each contributing body is working together to make sustainable development in the world. The exhibition of NGOs was a great chance to make a solid network between organizations and to know about the various projects and programs being done by other NGOs. Being present among so many youth and NGOs at the exhibition, was both inspirational and energizing, as all members present displayed their small but great changes to society. It was a privilege to have had the experience and opportunity to be acquainted with the work and activities of NGOs and the UN. From participating at the UN DPI/NGO Conference, WFWPI was assured that its works as well as the works of other NGOs are realizing world peace together.

WFWPI Exhibition Booth

Activities in UN: WFWPI UN Office in New York, Geneva, Vienna

There are three main WFWP UN Offices, where each of the branches have had activities connected with the agenda of the UN in their respective country. Recently WFWPI installed internships as part of providing opportunities for youth leadership, global networks and education of UN initiatives.

The WFWPI UN Office in New York participated in the annual session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) by hosting and supporting parallel events since 2003. WFWPI has organized parallel events promoting women empowerment and healthy families as a key vehicle for sustainable development. The WFWPI UN Office in Geneva is concentrated on works that is related to the human rights council, and often times organizes side events and thematic conferences on women empowerment, girls' education, child soldiers, disarmament etc. The internship at WFWPI UN Office, Geneva features a youth leadership training program that provides opportunities to learn diplomacy, advocacy skills and networking with governments and UN Institutions. The WFWPI UN Office in Vienna is home to the Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Office for Disarmament Affairs (ODA). Collaboration with representatives of the WFWPI UN Office have been in support of those special mandates. WFWPI UN Office in Vienna have organized six conferences in support of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's "Education for All" Initiative. Conferences include: "Leadership Challenges of the 21st Century: Prevention of Violence against Women and Femicide," "Towards Global Citizenship," "Bringing 58 Million Children to School," "Investing in Girls' Education: Best Road to Development," "A New Educational Landscape! Global Citizenship in the 21st Century" and "Access to Education and Security for Refugee Children."

Activities in Middle East: Women's Conference for Peace and Giving Hope to Children

Beginning in 1997, in Istanbul, the significance of the Middle East Women's Conferences is an occasion where participants from areas with a history of conflict, separation and conquest, have a rare chance to be at the same table, and exchange straightforward opinions. Women from Israel and Palestine, Northern and Southern Cyprus, Kuwait and Iraq, have sat together, have shared, cried and laughed together and decided to work for peace together. WFWPI have also supported refugees and children in the Middle East as part of its humanitarian service to the human family. Children and families were sponsored and given relief aid as an encouragement and investment for their future. 

Activities in Japan: Humanitarian Service Abroad

Since the founding of WFWPI in 1992, humanitarian service projects were initiated in 1994 to more than 100 nations by volunteers from Japan. Recent projects include the construction and administration of educational institutions in Africa and Southeast Asia, vocational training for women and various seminars on health, nutrition and the environment. Each year a group of volunteer youths visit countries where WFWP Japan have initiated programs and institutions. The youth gain a global perspective of living in another country as well as volunteer experience of serving children, people, communities and the nation.

Activities in Korea: Education for Unification in the North and the South and Petition for the 5th UN in the Korean Peninsula

Peace in the Korean Peninsula requires both the North and the South to unite. "Unification Dream" and "Unification School" programs were implemented to bring the hearts of Koreans to think about the necessity of peace in Northeast Asia, and to make it a reality. Programs include Unification lectures given by refugees and experts, children's Unification camp and field trips to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to better understand the present situation of North-South unification.