Zambia: Women Leaders Seminar

Zambia: Women Leaders Seminar

JUNE 18, 2018  

WFWP Zambia holds third one-day leadership training

WFWP Africa, in collaboration with WFWP Zambia, held their third one-day Women Leaders Seminar on June 9, 2018 at the Peace Embassy in Lusaka under the theme "Forgive, Love, and Unite." Around 40 women leaders were in attendance.

The purpose of this series is to inspire and motivate women leaders connected with WFWP Zambia to take responsibility in fulfilling the goals set for the organization by the year 2020. The series is organized and run by Mrs. Susan Kone, Vice President of WFWP Africa.

The emcee, Mrs. Margret Jere, WFWP Zambia board member, opened the program.

In her opening remarks, Mrs. Annabelle Banda, WFWP Zambia Secretary-General, emphasized the importance of this special leadership training. She further said, "We need to receive more guidance to fulfill duties as women or as mothers." Finally, she encouraged participants to be proactive in carrying out their duties and responsibilities as women leaders.

Mrs. Kone gave two inspiring and motivational presentations. The first lecture, entitled "Leadership and Management," enlightened the participants about leadership. "A leader should be like a parent, a mother or father," said Mrs. Konre. "The leader needs to invest greater effort than anyone else, day and night, and take responsibility to resolve all kinds of situations...with a sincere heart. He or she should be the one to whom others come for advice...Without the ability to lead in this way, one cannot fulfill the mission of a leader."

She gave a clear and systematic definition of  management and leadership, their roles, and the qualities of leadership. She encouraged the participants to be exemplary women and mothers in the responsibilities. Mrs. Kone concluded her presentation by quoting WFWP Co-founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

"To become a true leader, you need to formulate both internal and external strategies for your mission field. Employing those strategies, you should digest the difficulties of your mission field with the heart of a parent."

In her second presentation on "Time Management," she once more shared a quote by Rev. Moon,

"We need to have some accomplishments. The issue is whether at least one person on a battlefield achieves noteworthy results...When we go forward with life-or-death determination, results commensurate with our efforts will naturally emerge. Now is the time to invest our best abilities and leave a legacy of achievements."

She further stressed the benefits of time management, which increases productivity, reduces stress, and boosts self-confidence.

Mrs. Kone closed the program by thanking all the participants who attended this training regularly and encouraging those who participated in the last Bridge of Peace ceremony to visit each other in order to create a stronger bond