Solomon Islands: Sewing Training

Solomon Islands: Sewing Training

JUNE 26, 2018  

New Hope Academy Sewing Department Welcomes Three New Trainers


WFWP Solomon Islands (SI) held a five-day sewing training in Honiara from May 7 to 11, 2018 for three local WFWP SI members (Nelly Masuaku, Jessie Pitabelama, Laniata Leo) to become sewing trainers. They were shown effective techniques with their new sewing machines, generously donated by WFWP Australia, for creating a range of clothing, as well as for teaching others to use these machines.

It is anticipated that this training will help facilitate other fabric art programs in the future, which will eventually contribute to creating products for sale in the *New Hope Academy. The sewing machines were generously donated by WFWP Australia. 

The sewing department of the New Hope Academy is one of the most influential projects for WFWP SI. This skill set creates an avenue for women and girls to use their sewing ability to become financially stable and make a meaningful contribution to their families.

One of the trainees, Nelly, shared her reflection:

It was a great privilege and opportunity to attend the five days sewing training of trainers on behalf of the WFWP Solomon Islands. The sewing training commenced on 7 May 2018 to 11 May 2018.

The purpose of the training is to have firsthand knowledge and skills to support New Hope Academy by sewing their school uniforms, learning new design and island clothing patterns for the proposed WFWP SI sewing outlet.

The training, though short, really gave further knowledge on how to use the industrial machine. I have now gained better skills on how to thread the machine and do different stitching styles.

This training of trainers has boosted my interest in WFWP SI's sewing department to become more confident with training our young girls and women who are interested in sewing. This is also an opportunity for young women and girls to create income for themselves.

I wish to thank the WFWP SI team for organizing this training so that I can pass on this knowledge with other young women and girls who are interest in sewing.

*The New Hope Academy was founded in 2010 with the support of WFWP Australia and WFWP Japan, who continues to offer financial support. WFWP Australia provides equipment, such as computers, data projectors, books to build a library, solar panels to access electricity, sewing machines to start up the business arm of the academy to make the school uniforms, and provides second-hand items to sell in the academy's store.