Zambia: Leadership Seminar

Zambia: Leadership Seminar

APRIL 24, 2018  

Women Leaders of Africa Participate in One-Day Training

"The women of this age are the true workers who will cleanse this world of war, violence, suppression, exploitation and crime." - Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Co-Founder of WFWP

WFWP Africa, in collaboration with WFWP Zambia, held a one-day leadership seminar on Saturday, April 14, 2018 at the Peace Embassy in Lusaka under the theme: "Forgive Love and Unite." Around 54 women leaders from different organizations and the general public attended the event.

The purpose of the seminar was to empower women leaders with leadership skills, as well as inspiring them to have renewed motivation to bring substantial results in their various areas of expertise in the next couple of years.

The MC, Mrs. Evelyn Masika Chimfwembe, WFWP Zambia Advisor, opened the program with a quote by WFWP co-founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

"The leadership of men has brought about a world filled with struggle and evil...The women of this age are the true workers who will cleanse this world of war, violence, suppression, exploitation and crime...It is also up to women to see that the evil forces, led primarily by men, which opposed and persecuted the forces of righteousness and good, are now completely eradicated so that they cannot cause any more harm."

The event was graced witu a prayer given by Mrs. Annabelle Banda, Secretary-General of WFWP Zambia. The President of WFWP Zambia shared about the background of WFWP's mission in Zambia.

Mrs. Susan Kone, President of WFWP Africa, gave two inspiring and motivational presentations. She explained WFWP's background, mission and vision, as well as the example of an exemplary female leader shown by WFWP's co-founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. She ended with a presentation on "The Power of Positive Thinking," where she encouraged leaders to work together for a broader vision of peace.

In the closing remarks given by Mrs. Eunice Mbulo Sanfo, she thanked the WFWP Africa's President for hosting this important event and reminded participants to continue thinking positively.

The seminar came to end with a powerful prayer given by Mrs. Hildegard Faerber, WFWP Zambia Senior Advisor.

Participants shared how they were inspired and deeply moved by the different presentations and resolve to be in the forefront of encouraging and uplifting their fellow women in Zambia. Several participants expressed interest in these seminars being held more regularly.