Ivory Coast: Fighting Underage Pregnancy

Ivory Coast: Fighting Underage Pregnancy

APRIL 24, 2018  

WFWP Ivory Coast Educating Young Girls on Abstinence

The problem of underage pregnancy in schools has been a thorn in the foot of both political and administrative authorities and parents of students in the Ivory Coast for several years. WFWP Ivory Coast  (IC) decided it could not  remain indifferent to such a deplorable situation.

So the local members decided to engage in a huge national awareness campaign, under their Character Education series.

WFWP IC started with two "Awareness Before Marriage" conferences this year on April 17 and 18, which took place respectively at the IFEF of Marcory, the Municipal High School Pierre Gadié 1 of Yopougon and the Municipal High School of Abobo.

Mrs. Yessoh, WFWP Ivory Coast President, and her team led these conferences in front of a very attentive audience of pupils, parents and the administrative staff.

The lectures were unanimously appreciated by students who promised to remain abstinent until marriage. The heads of the different institutions were very satisfied with the content of WFWP IC's teaching. They have requested WFWP IC to give this conference at the beginning of the school year for a more effective follow-up and recommended distributing gadgets to students at the end of each lecture to further motivate their attendance and attention. WFWP IC also hopes to establish the purity club WAIT in each establishment as of the next school year.