Seynabou Dia - 2015 Athens

Tunisia in Transition & Its Women: a Model to Follow?

MAY 27, 2015  

Challenges to Peace & Security in the Middle East and Ways to Intervene

Tunisia, which is at the origin of the so-called Arab Spring, has been praised so far for
being a model that could or should be followed by the other Arab countries in a democratic
transition phase. Therefore, it could be interesting to present the Tunisian experience in light
with the role its (young) women have played in it, so as to be able to identify the good
practices to be reproduced somewhere else if possible and the possible ways to go forward.

Ms. Seynabou Dia, representative of the Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR) in Tunisia, explained that while women in Tunisia had been the motivating force for deep changes in the country, there is a great divide among them, between the old and new generation.