Oceania - Vanuatu

WFWP Island Project: "Support our Pacific Island Neighbors Walk-a-thon"


Solar Lights delivered to Lamnutu and Imaelone Villages in Vanuatu

We are very happy to report that the portable solar lights funded by the sponsorship of the "Support our Pacific Island Neighbours Walk-a-thon", arrived safely at their destination July 2015.


The journey began during a Women's Health workshop in Lamnutu on Tanna Island, when women expressed to Dianne Simboro (photo front row) the need for lighting in order for their children to be able to study at night and in order to run home-based businesses. 


Anne Bellavance (photo center), pictured with the women and children of Lamnutu, visited the village to connect with the women leaders. The project belongs to the local women who will look after the solar lights.


Back in Australia we set up a team to raise funds to make the 'Island Lights Project' a reality. Our first annual walk-a-thon was held this year in Victoria and New South Wales. Through the Victorian walk-a-thon, we were able to purchase $4,000 worth of high quality portable solar lights.

The lights were sent to Vanuatu via Brisbane, and were received by Jong Deug Yoo, who oversees the WFWP Vanuatu Chapter. He then traveled to Tanna Island to deliver the solar lights to the women of the villages. The port and transportation cost within Vanuatu was $246 and were delivered on 13 July.

Lamnutu is home to 340 people, 40 households and 15 family groups. The women's leader of the village is Joyce Daniel. Joyce expressed gratitude to WFWP Australia for the donation. Each mother received lights for their own family to use.

The WFWP Vanuatu team were welcomed by members of Lamnutu Village with dances and song.


The WFWP and FFWUP Vanuatu team were welcomed by the women leaders of Lamnutu Village.


Women receiving their lights from the WFWP and FFWPU Vanuatu team, Lamnutu Village.


Solar lights were also delivered to Imaelone Village on Tanna Island. Tess Natuman, who is the leader of the Imaelone Women's Group, expressed her gratitude to WFWP Australia. Tess is pictured in the center in white.


We would like to thank all our walkers, sponsors and supporters during the Annual "Support our Pacific Neighbours Walk-a-thon."


We had a lot of fun, and you have made the lives of the women in the remote villages of Lamnutu and Imaelone, Vanuatu easier.


See you next year for the 2016 Walk-a-thon!