Dominican Republic


WFWP Dominican Republic has been active since 1994, focusing mainly on AIDS prevention education. Early seminars were held in government and police institutions, churches, and private homes. Many areas have no electricity and can be reached only by dangerous windy roads; yet many people came. Over 15,000 people of all ages have participated in the seminars from 2011 to 2014.

Statistics show that of the more than 69,000 HIV carriers in this nation, 28% are unaware that they are even infected. One third of children born in the Dominican Republic come from single mothers, often teenagers, who then drop out of school. These circumstances increase the risk of poverty, domestic violence and family breakdown. WFWP developed "Pure Love and Character Education Seminars" based on moral education and family values, emphasizing love and the true value of sex, responsibility, self respect and self-control, as a preventive response to this crisis. The interest has been overwhelming. The program has been introduced in middle schools, high schools and universities. Additional programs have been created to address different audience, including mothers and members of congress.

Parallel to the education programs, WFWP Dominican Republic has been hosting an annual Global Women's Peace Network Assembly (GWPN) in Santo Domingo. It brings together like-minded influential women to share thoughts and plans related to peace and development in an international forum.