WFWP in Europe

High-Level Debates on Family Issues


WFWP is active in 30 countries in Europe. Since 1994, hundreds of reconciliation programs have been initiated to heal the historic wounds of enmity and injustice and sow the seeds for sustainable peace. The Women of Faith, Women's Peace Academy and Young Women Leadership programs are but a few of the ongoing efforts to advance women's unique contribution to education, peace and leadership.

Over the years, our European chapters have developed many humanitarian projects focusing on disaster relief, environmental sustainability, microcredit, vocational skills, building of shelters, schools and libraries.

While each nation has developed its unique programs according to their needs and concerns, issues like the refugee crisis, integration, human rights, racial tension, family breakdown, violence against women and girls and gender parity have been a priority in most nations. Responding to these social issues, a variety of educational programs have been put in place: The Dignity of Women, character education, AIDS prevention, internships, Peace Through Performing Arts, and various capacity building seminars.

With access to UN Offices in Geneva and Vienna, the European Parliament in Brussels and some national parliaments, advocacy teams and international conferences promote and protect priority issues towards decision-makers. Much emphasis has also been put in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by local chapters.

More and more young women across Europe are joining WFWP activities and taking the lead in their local chapters. Like-minded women, organizations and institutions are collaborating to identify root causes and work together towards a harmonious and prosperous Europe.