Australia: The Role of Egypt in Peace Building

Australia: The Role of Egypt in Peace Building

OCTOBER 8, 2018  

WFWP and UPF Host Leadership Seminar in Melbourne


On the 16th of June, 2018, WFWP Australia and the Universal Peace Federation hosted a Peacebuilding Leadership Seminar in the city of Melbourne, with a focus on Egypt in history with respect to peacebuilding.

The Consul General of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Melbourne, Mr. Mohamed Fakhry, was in attendance. He was welcomed by Adel Gabala, an Eqyptian and UPF Ambassador for Peace. 

Rev. John Izvernariu was the master of ceremony for the day.

The keynote presenter was Dr. John Coles, author of the book published by CFT Press in 2016, Macroscopic Historical Correlation - Jacob is Revealed and God Affirmed. He is an Australian physicist who obtained his PhD at the University of Cambridge and a Research Fellow at the Australian National University, Canberra. His research on human history spans twenty-one years.

At the end of the seminar, Dr. Coles proposed that Egypt could play a significant role in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and presented this proposal to Mr. Mohamed Fakhry. The proposal involves the international community funding and building a new Capital City for Palestine. To do this, Egypt and Israel would work together and relinquish a tiny amount of territory within a twenty kilometer radius of point C outlined on the map above.

David Westbrook, CEO and Founder of Westymedia Group and Building a Better Australia Group, received the Ambassador for Peace award at the end of the seminar. Westymedia produces media material for corporate promotions, conference and training, documentary programs for hospitals, various levels of government, the United Nations, UNESCO, World Vision, Kenyan BCC, CNN and ABC USA, and various cable shows. Building a Better Australia Group was set up to provide training for young people wanting work experience in the film production, free of charge. The organization focuses on helping new migrants to Australia.