Australia: The Need for Universal Principles

Australia: The Need for Universal Principles

OCTOBER 8, 2018  

The Importance of Fundamentals to Resolve Social Issues

WFWP Queensland, in conjunction with the Universal Peace Foundation (UPF) Queensland, organized an evening seminar on July 4, 2018 at the Interfaith Community Centre in Annerley. The seminar was attended by a total of 75 people, amongst whom were several community leaders. Susi Evans, President of WFWP Queensland, and the Reverend Steve Evans, Director of UPF Queensland coordinated the event.

Special guests included Dr. Robert Kittel, World President of Youth and Students for Peace (YSP), Rev. Shang Park (FFWPU Continental Director for the Oceania Region), Mr. Greg Stone (UPF Secretary General for the Oceania Region) and Rev. Soon Teck Lim (FFWPU Australia President). The seminar commenced after Peggy Tidyman, an indigenous elder and Ambassador for Peace (AFP), delivered the "Acknowledgement of Country".

The evening's program included an inspiring speech from Dr. Kittel, who enlightened the audience about why his speech could be the most important speech in life, the presentation of four awards to UPF Ambassadors for Peace, and entertainment by Robert and Rowa Kaforau, who sang two inspiring songs about peace and healing love.

Feedback from the community leaders who attended was positive and indicated that the presentations had a great impact on them. They also expressed an interest in inviting some of the presenters to community events to share their views.

Maureen Mopio, host of a radio program called "Women's Profile," was impressed by the evening's message and invited Susi to share this message on her program on July 27. The evening was a success and the hope is that further programs will be organized enabling us to continue to share the message of peace and offer strategies to resolve social issues. The efforts of all the people who helped to organize the evening are greatly appreciated.