USA: Stepping Forward to a New Korea

USA: Stepping Forward to a New Korea

JULY 24, 2018  

5th Annual Unity Event in New Jersey

"North and South Korea must unite peacefully and America should make this happen." 

These were the words of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon heard five years ago; they ignited a passion in WFWP New Jersey chapter Chairwoman, Denneze Nelson, for this very important and relevant issue. Since then, WFWP New Jersey has held several meetings and one annual event each year on the topic.

In August of 2017, WFWP members, noticing the tension in the political environment, decided that their 5th annual Korean Peninsula event in 2018 should be a big event promoting the WFWP Co-Founders' shared desire for the unification of the Korean peninsula. In November of 2017, Rev. Nelson attended the Korean Unification Rally hosted by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, with 80,000 people in attendance. Enthused by this victorious event, she was determined to share that victory with the WFWP NJ chapter.

The event was titled "Peace at Last - Stepping Forward to a New Korea" and was held at the Korean Community Center in Tenafly, NJ on June 16, 2018. As many throughout the program noted, though no one can predict when and how Korea will reunite, peaceful reunification will have a tremendous ripple effect on ushering in peace in the world. The goal of the event was to motivate positive support and connect people to this issue. From each of the speeches, presentations, and lively entertainment, the 300 participants could feel they were adding their voices to what must surely become a massive effort. Everyone joined hands, sang for unity, and signed a declaration proclaiming a desire for Korean reunification based on true love.

This year, thanks to the seemingly heaven-sent support of many, the WFWP NJ chapter invited a seasoned expert Dr. Yong Soo Seol from Korea as the keynote speaker. His speech, which gave many different angles and insights to the issue, helped Koreans and Americans in the audience understand the true meaning and progress of Korean Peninsula Unity. Dr. Seol has done extensive research on this issue and has even received recognition from the president of South Korea for his work. He shared how many political, social, and economic forces are working for reunification at this time in history.

Based on his amazing experiences, Dr. Seol proved to be a true inspiration to the mostly Korean attendees. Several civic leaders from the Korean Community attended, including the President from the Korean Chambers of Commerce, Korean Citizens Organization and others. The feedback from a few of the 300 guests, supporters and members in attendance was that they wished Dr. Seol had spoken earlier and longer because they had not heard such a stimulating perspective on the topic.

The Mayor of Tenafly, Mr. Peter Rustin, attended and gave welcoming remarks. He said that the greatest weapon we have to move world peace forward is prayer and the second greatest is women; both underutilized but very much needed today. He invited WFWP to do more activities in Tenafly and believes that this project is great for the Koreans in his town, and he mentioned support for our international projects would be a great idea to promote.

Chairman of the Washington Times and President of Universal Peace Federation International, Mr. Tom McDevitt, willingly agreed to co-sponsor the event and gave a captivating presentation on the activities of both organizations toward unity between North and South Korea.  Feedback from younger attendees showed that they were highly impressed with his presentation on what has been going on beyond what is shown in the mainstream media.

WFWP also has a long history of serving North Korea. WFWP USA President, Angelika Selle, gave a detailed introduction to WFWP's 1% Love Share Project, its internal background based on the meeting WFWP's Co-Founders had with Kim Il Sung, and its initiation by Dr. Lan Young Moon, former President of WFWP International. She shared many touching stories of service behind the scenes by the women of WFWP for mothers and children in North Korea. Many people heard about these efforts for the first time as they had no idea of this project, and expressed their appreciation for WFWP's work for the Unification of Korea.

One of the most important aspects of the event was the "Unity of Heart". A team of women supported by amazing husbands and brothers are at the center of the organization. Driven by the passion to have Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon witness the unification of her homeland in her lifetime, WFWP NJ women allowed their sisterly love to be the driving force to accomplish a victorious event.

Part of WFWP's founding mission is to support the unification of the Korean peninsula. Chairwoman Denneze Nelson was in the contingent of 700 women from around the world who the WFWP Co-Founders sent to North Korea in 2007. Mistress of Ceremonies, Mrs. Monica Lewis, who lived in Korea for seven years, together with Mrs. Mungmi Higuchi, were on the front line of outreach, praying consistently and inviting guests by sharing with Korean seniors in Adult Day Centers.

The vibrant, uplifting performance from the Apple Heaven Band, beat box performer, Sung Lee, and the ever dynamic Korean Youth Drummers were a pleasurable mix to the program.

The next steps are to have a conference within 6 to 9 months to give expositions of WFWP's Co-Founders' deep messages about how Korean Peninsula should unite peacefully and also to plan for a pilgrimage to Jeong Ju and Anju, their hometowns, within one year.  

We cannot thank everyone enough, those who donated or bought advertisements, those who attended, translated, took pictures, performed and who volunteered in so many ways. In order for unification to come we have to be united as one family under God and this event truly accomplished that goal.