USA: New Beginning for WFWP Hawaii

The new beginning of Women’s Federation for World Peace Hawaii was launched on a lovely Saturday morning on the first of December 2018 at the Hawaiian Queen Coffee Garden, surrounded by fragrant plumeria trees, palm trees, and the ocean breeze. At 9am, participants gathered with friends and members of WFWP over Kona coffee and light refreshments.

After each of the nine participants stood and gave a heartwarming self-introduction, Mary Ellen Legay, WFWP Hawaii representative, started the meeting with the “Bridge of Peace” video, a beautiful piece which conveys the warmth and the loving spirit of WFWP in a nutshell. She then shared about Rev. and Dr. Moon’s vision for world peace, the founding philosophy of Godism, and some of the history of WFWP in Asia.

A particular focus was placed on the nation of Japan. Mrs. Legay revealed the story of the years of heartrending sacrifice and investment made by our WFWP volunteers from Japan, who went to countless developing countries and endured years of difficult conditions and hardships to create programs and schools that are still thriving today. Their achievements left such an impression on the United Nations that WFWP was able to reach general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council a few short years after its founding.

This moving report was followed by the powerful WFWPI introductory video, through which the audience learned more about Dr. Moon’s leadership and the work of WFWP chapters all over the world, and about how important it is for women to become not only active servants in our communities, but also leaders on a national and even global scale.

After hearing the presentation, everyone naturally decided to turn their chairs around and sit in a circle to ask questions and discuss concerns and ideas. There were women from all levels of society in the group and it was evident that across the board, women in our society feel the need for women’s voices to be heard, not just for the sake of women, but so that all people can feel loved. And to close, we all intuitively clasped each other’s hands and ended with a prayer.

The dry spell of the last few years is over – WFWP Hawaii is refreshed, inspired, and eagerly looking forward to our next meeting!