USA Leadership Retreat 2016

USA Leadership Retreat 2016

JULY 22, 2016  

Compassionate, Sustainable Leadership

WFWP USA holds an annual retreat with members of their leadership team. The theme of their 2016 retreat was "Compassionate, Sustainable Leadership." Participants reflected on these words, as well as a new, feminine style of leadership conducive to making peace a reality. In addition, the retreat created space for participants to:

  • meditate and refresh in the beautiful environment

  • empower our chairwomen and women leaders with confidence and passion

  • reflect, goal set, and gain spiritual and practical tools for the field

  • connect more deeply in heart with our Co-Founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon

  • bond together as women and sisters and create new friendships

Who, Where, and When

The retreat included 40 WFWP participants of all ages at the Franciscan Retreat Center in Tampa, Florida from July 14 to 17, 2016. We joined together as several generations of women, including a number of mothers-to-be.


All educational presentations were designed to be short, with an interactive practical component afterwards to stimulate discussion, learning, and to "discover the leader within."

  • Appreciating my Unique Journey
    (drawing activity)

  • Reconnection to the Vision and Mission of WFWP
    (with finding my passion activity)

  • Qualities of a Leader of the Heart
    (with turning failures into lessons activity)

  • Engaging with Others and Building a Team
    (with a communication and conflict resolution activity)

  • Promotion and Public Relations
    (with elevator pitch activity)

  • Educational Programs: Leadership of the Heart, Abstinence Education, Blessing

  • Schools of Africa and National Assembly updates

  • Strategic Planning
    (goal setting activity)

Bridge of Peace

A unique Bridge of Peace Ceremony was held for all participants, focusing on the future to create new friendships among women and sisters, rather than on the past of restoring hurts and wrongdoings. The song to accompany the ceremony was "You are Loved" by Josh Groban.

Half of the ladies lined up outside the door and the other half inside, and received a "surprise" sisterhood match. All women received a "new" sister and felt joy, healing, and, most of all, love.

Understanding WFWP's Foundation and Founders

  • Vice President Katarina Connery (who emceed for the entire three day program) shared about the growing connection and respect she experienced with WFWP Founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

  • President Angelika Selle highlighted WFWP co-founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon's plead for women to support his wife and co-founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and to complete the work they had begun.

  • Deputy Director of the WFWPI UN office, Alexa Ward, and former WFWP USA president from 2000 to 2009, shared her profound experiences with the founding couple of WFWP as the incoming president 16 years ago.

Outreach and Education

  • Nancy Jubb, who is also a member of the WFWP USA Board and one of the education committee co-leaders, has been developing a curriculum on abstinence with Pam Stein for WFWP USA. Nancy also presented helpful key points on public relations and promotion to the ladies, as this is her field of expertise.

  • President Angelika Selle presented the first of three leadership sessions that she is currently developing with Board Member Teresa Rischl, as part of the education committee. The program is called "Leadership of the Heart- Discover the Leader within."

  • Katherine Cromwell, newsletter editor of the Logic of Love news, poured out her heart to explain about the vision and mission of the WFWP newsletter, giving pointers and explaining the difference between reports and articles/stories.

  • Crescentia DeGoede, explained about the collaboration between her ministry and WFWP USA, and answered many questions.

Comments from Participants

"This was the best retreat I have attended."
"There was a powerful spirit throughout the conference. Thank you for the incredible workshop experience."
"Excellent and very well thought through inspirational sessions."
"All sessions were thought-provoking and helpful for growth and development."
"Thank your giving the opportunity to share deeply excellent spiritual and physical/practical food."
"The interconnectedness among all these beautiful women was great! And even though I am not working in WFWP, I felt empowered and supported for the work I do. I felt that God spoke to me in special conversations I had during that time. I realized that in fact every women should be in Women's Federation to learn to become a true wife, true sister, and true mother and to feel empowered in whatever you do."
It was so refreshing to be with these beautiful women who care about the world!