USA: Building Up Nepal

Building Up Nepal

JULY 31, 2017  

WFWP USA Raising Funds for Lunis Kinderworld School in Nepal

Back in 2015, WFWP stepped up to offer Nepal the support they needed to recuperate after the devastating earthquake. Since then, WFWP USA and WFWP Nepal have continued to develop a relationship. Fast forward to 2017 and we are once again collaborating together to support the country, specifically with a local school.

Within a rural village of Sarlahi district, Nepal, a small pre-k and kindergarten is striving to gain its footing in providing holistic education to the youth. Lunis Kinderworld was created by Purushottam Karki and his wife when they saw the need for change in the education system in their community. Their dream is to create an environment where children will be nurtured as well as encouraged to reach their full potential. From humble beginnings within the Karki's own living room, Lunis Kinderworld now seeks to expand its walls to house even more.

At this point, Lunis Kinderworld is in desperate need of their own facilities and classrooms to call their own. They've been gaining a lot more attention as parents want to provide a better education for their children away from the main cities and the capital where the methods they practice are not the healthiest. Also, the fees at times are too great for the parents to afford. This is where our community here at WFWP USA steps in.

With your support, Lunis Kinderworld can achieve this dream to be able to offer an opportunity like no other to the children in Nepal. Lunis Kinderworld will only be the greatest of resources for the children of Nepal, where often corporal punishment is still an issue and holds children back. We truly are inspired by this family's sacrificial work as well as dedication to their community. They exemplify what it means to have a heart of service and to give without hesitation or seeking anything in return.

Our goal for this project is $25,000 which at first glance may seem quite daunting. However, WFWP is a strong community that continuously gives out towards the world and we feel confident that we can make this happen. Together, can we achieve this goal and make the Karki's dream a reality. Through this project, we can make a difference in these children's lives in providing them a proper space to grow up happy and healthy.

So what can you do? Go to our campaign page at, and give a contribution of any size! Alongside that, share the word! Invite people into the story of Lunis Kinderworld and spread our campaign page to as many eyes as possible. The more exposure, the better!

Thank you for your help, as always. Our community only continues to tighten the borders of the world.