USA: $7k Raised for Refugee Children

USA: $7k Raised for Refugee Children

SEPTEMBER 19, 2018  

Literaracy Program in Jordan Receives Generous Donation from WFWP USA

Thanks to all your generous donations, WFWP USA President Angelika Selle and Vice-President Katarina Connery presented a check for 7,000 USD to Mrs. Fusayo Irikura, Project Director for the WFWP Arabic Literacy Project, during the WFWP International meetings in Korea August 24-26, 2018. This money will go a long way toward protecting the future of refugee children in Jordan.

It would be an understatement to say that one of the major issues our world faces today is the refugee crisis. People are forced to leave their homes due to war, crisis, or environmental causes at an alarming rate. Families are forced to flee a life of comfort and security into situations of instability and uncertainty. Out of a worldwide total of 65.6 million people who are displaced, there are over 740,000 registered refugees living in Jordan. There are many more who are not registered. According to the UN Refugee Agency, 80% of refugees living in Jordan-who are primarily from Syria-live below the poverty line and 51% are children.

One of the most overlooked needs for refugee children is education. While life in a refugee camp can be rough and unstable-not to mention the heavy emotional toll on a child who had to flee home-a quality education can provide opportunities they would not have otherwise. Education can also protect children from forced recruitment into armed groups, child labor, or other forms of exploitation. It empowers them to see the possibilities around them and find a way to live productive and independent lives.

We would like to give a huge, heartfelt thank you to all the generous donors who helped provide a brighter future to refugee children in Jordan. Thanks to you, the WFWP Jordan Arabic Literacy Project can continue to provide supplementary classes in reading and writing for another year. These children who attend primary school during the day, in classrooms of up to 60 students, can receive the individual attention they need from the WFWP classes so they can catch-up and excel. Even those who spend a lot of time working to support their families will benefit, and they can start to dream bigger.

Not only have you helped provide a quality learning environment for these vulnerable children, your donation will support the enrichment and character education the program provides. Children also learn through fun activities such as arts, drama, sports, and picnics. They learn how to resist peer pressure and the drugs and violence which are rampant in the refugee camps. The bonds of heart forged with their teachers, adults who sincerely care for their well-being, and their fellow classmates are invaluable.

Mrs. Irikura can continue to develop this project thanks to you. One of her great talents is to motivate the teachers and trainers to use their unique talents to inspire and motivate the children. More than simply being hired to perform a job, these teachers and volunteers feel a profound sense of fulfillment and joy in working with the project. Coming from refugee families themselves, they appreciate the importance of educating the children for the sake of their future.

Thank you again, for working with WFWP to make this one small positive impact in the lives of children who are halfway across the world.