Uruguay: Int'l Women's Day 2017

Uruguay: International Women's Day 2017

MARCH 15, 2017  

On March 10, 2017, WFWP Uruguay held an event to celebrate the International Women's Day at the Radisson Victoria Hotel in the capital city of Montevideo.

Maria Rosa Neme, President of WFWP Uruguay, and secretary general Hyunjoo Park, along with WFWP Uruguay's 10 board members, worked together in making preparations for this event. More than 200 participants were in attendance, including the wife of the current president, Sra. María Auxiliadora Delgado, and three parliamentarians.

After a video presentation about WFWP International, Mrs. Neme spoke about the history of WFWP, and Raul Rey, Chairman of the Universal Peace Foundation (UPF) Uruguay, shared about worldwide activities for peace.

In this event, women who worked hard to improve society were recognized and awarded. The winners and  representatives of the awards were all moved to see that their activities and accomplishments were being recognized as the audience applauded.

This assembly created a good atmosphere from the beginning. In particular, Sra. María Auxiliadora Delgado, who is representative of the national program for dental hygiene, was moved to tears saying, "This event moved me so much."

Through this event, WFWP Uruguay succeeded in strengthening their network with many women experts and  organizations.