Taiwan: 25th Anniversary Celebration

Taiwan: 25th Anniversary Celebration

JANUARY 8, 2018  

Grand Assembly in Taipei to Celebrate WFWP's 25th Anniversary

At the end of 2017, WFWP Taiwan held their 25th Anniversary Celebration and the Happiness Family Prize Award Ceremony at Dun Mu Hall, Taipei Grand Hotel at 11 am on Saturday, December 30. Over 300 people were in attendance. 

During the assembly session, WFWP Taiwan's three major areas of achievement were shared: Health Safeguard and Character Education for Youth; Women's Empowerment and Family Training; Women Entrepreneurs Charity Platform as for Women's Economic Training. Several major leaders were invited to launch WFWP Taiwan's Innovative Development Plan, including Prof. Yeon Ah Moon, President of WFWP International, Dr. Poya Chang, President of Control Yuan, ROC, Ms. Lily Lin, President of WFWP Taiwan, Mr. Xu Zhilong, General Manager of Zhiying Technology Company, Ms. Chen Suyan, General Manager of Baosheng Company, Mme Li Jinmei, Former Director of International Rotary 3480 area, Mdm Yu Naifeng, Chairwoman of Huaneng Company,  and Ms. Zhao Wenyu, Chairwoman of Gong Wen Culture and Education Foundation, among others. 

The Innovative Development Plan includes the Global Women Youth Peace Scholarship, women online market, and establishing the Global Women Peace Center. Such plans will offer training for young women and the inheritance of knowledge from the previous generation. Through implementing mutual assistance and benefit, WFWP Taiwan hopes to enhance the economic strength of women and raise Taiwanese women to the world stage.

There were 15 couples and 10 families who were honored during the Happiness Family Prize Award Ceremony. The representative couple included a couple married for 62 years, a paraplegic "Iron Man and his admirable wife, a young couple, and the wife of Indigenous peoples legislator, Hon. Liao Guodong.

The True Love Family Award honors families who have lived with compassion and filial piety. Recipients included a mother raising five young children, two children caring for their aging 70-year=old mother, a family whose motto is "honest, trustworthy, and thrifty," and a family of four generations who formed a musical band among children with the same disease as one of their family members.

Among the VIPs who attended were Hon. Dr. Poya Chang, President of Control Yuan, ROC, Prof. Thomas Hwang and Mrs. Kathleen Hwang, Mr. and Mrs. Kuo, Zheng-xin, Deputy Representative of the Korean Mission in Taipei, Hon. Liao Guodong and Hon. Ko Chih-en Legislator of the Legislative Yuan, Hon. Gau, Fehng-Shian, Member of Control Yuan, Judy Ying-Ming Wong, Chief Executive Officer of the Department of NGO International Affairs for MOFA, Tsai, Qingyou, The Honorable Justice, Zheng Naiwen, Director of the Department for Student Affairs and Special Education of the Ministry of Education, as well as several women entrepreneurs, and leaders of women NGOs.