Poland: Peace & Reconciliation Through Culture

Poland: Peace and Reconciliation Through Culture

APRIL 3, 2018  

Angels of Peace Tour of Poland Healing Historical Wounds


From March 14 to 19, 2018, the Russian children's ensemble, Angels of Peace, toured Warsaw, Poland to perform and participate in Bridge of Peace ceremonies with 400 participants. This was the second stage of the Bridge of Peace between Russia and Poland. The first stage of this program was held in 2012, at which time women leaders from Moscow and St. Petersburg took part in this healing and reconciliation between their respective countries.

The organizing team wanted to hold such a program with young people. The Russian children's ensemble, Angels of Peace, was able to bring great joy to the Polish people through beautiful songs and dance during their six-day tour. The purpose of their performances was to convey the message of peace and a strong desire to heal the wounds of history. The children felt very sad and sorry when they heard stories about painful moments in Poland's history, but the stories only motivated them to do their best to comfort the hearts of the Polish people.

The first concert was given in Krakow City in the cultural center Michalowicach. There were many elderly people in the audience who were deeply moved by the performance. The children and teachers were also grateful for the director of the cultural center and his staff, who were caring and supporting the team during the whole program.

The second stop of their tour was the Peace Embassy in Warsaw, where the children's ensemble had to give two concerts. It was not easy, but the encouraging smiles of the Polish people gave them energy and strength to give two glowing performances. During this program, the children participated in a Bridge of Peace with elder members of the community.

The Church of Seventh Day Adventists in Warsaw housed their final performance, which doubled as a charity concert for an orphanage in Pakistan. The generous way in which the pastor himself was trying to serve and care for the children was greatly appreciated by touring team. He even offered to be emcee of the whole program. The response of the audience was very warm. During the Kalinka dance, they were clapping so loudly that the organizers were afraid that the children wouldn't be able to hear the music.

After the performance, members of the ensemble were paired with Polish children, crossing the bridge together, a symbol of the hope for fruitful cooperation between their two countries. There was a generous response from the audience at the conclusion of the event. They expressed love and gratitude to the children. Many of them were holding back tears. This became an unforgettable experience for both sides.