Norway: Empowering Women Seminar

Norway: Empowering Women Seminar

JULY 24, 2018  

On June 30th, WFWP Norway held a seminar on empowering women. There were four presentations all based around empowering women both internally and externally, while showing how the two can be connected.

The first speaker, Frøydis Egge- Jacobsen, is an esteemed business coach and UX designer consultant. Her talk was entitled, "How to be the Queen of your life and not be ashamed of it." She spoke on the importance of setting boundaries and making time each day to do something that refuels you and makes you happy. Even 5-10 minutes a day can make a huge difference. Women often push themselves too hard and settle for less, which leads to feeling drained and a loss of self-esteem. However, the more we prioritize giving to ourselves, the more energy we will have to give to others. She concluded with some practical tips to becoming the "queen of our lives," including writing down what makes you happy and why and setting up a new routine, scheduling it in, and prioritizing it. Egge-Jacobsen's voice was sweet, but her words were powerful.

Yun-a Johnson, interior re-designer and founder of Your Aesthetic Style, was the second speaker. She spoke about how the styling of a room creates an energy which affects how we feel when we are in it. In her business, she supports people in creating a balance of order (thoughts), function (actions), and aesthetic (feelings) while helping people tap into what is most important for them to feel good in the space they're in. This way, rather than being a distraction, a home can support you living the life you want to live.

The third speaker, Marea Perea, WFWP Norway Secretary and energy profiling enthusiast, spoke about how the colors we put on our bodies can affect our energy levels and sense of well-being. She briefly summarized the energy profiling system created by Carol Tuttle and how different types of colors can affect individuals differently. When we dress according to our type, we are naturally filled with confidence and a greater sense of well-being because our internal mind and what we put on our external body are aligned.

After a delicious lunch and lively discussion, the doTERRA essential oils team, Magali Rouyer-Johnson and Kamilla NIazova, gave the audience practical tips on how to use essential oils to benefit their lives. Participants learned about oils to help relieve stress and menstrual symptoms as well as oils for supporting skin, hair, and the libido. They also raffled off six oils to the participants.

It was a truly empowering and exciting seminar with great information and discussions afterwards. There was a total of 10 participants.