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Empowering Women and Youth through Education

WFWP Korea

Education Activities to Empower Women

WFWP Korea organizes and presents the Women's Peace Academy, a twelve week course to help women awaken their potential and participate in social service activities.Some of the topics of study are International Relations, North-South Korea Relations, and Ideals of Peace. WFWP also holds the 21st Century Women Leaders Forum each month, to share its activities and enhance empowerment of women.

21st Century Women Leaders Forums

Women Peace Academy Activities

WFWP Youth Camps

The WFWP Korea Peace Unification Camp is aimed at helping children realize the importance of Peace and Unification of the Korean Peninsula, and help them participate in the peace building process. WFWP has organized the camps which are sponsored by Korea's Ministry of Unification, for the last ten years. Camps are held during summer vacation.

Peace Unification Summer Camps