Kenya: Int'l Day of Peace 2017

Kenya: International Day of Peace 2017

SEPTEMBER 30, 2017  

Together for peace, respect, safety and dignity for all

WFWP Kenya held a celebration for the United Nations International Day of Peace at the the Single Mothers Association of Kenya's (SMAK) center in Nairobi on 29 September, 2017.

The program was attended by children from the SMAK daycare and students from the neighboring school.

The Director of the SMAK center, Mrs. Angelina Okweya Nandwa, received the WFWP team well and organized the venue where the program was held.

The program began with introductions and entertainment followed by speeches, including the 2017 message from  UN Secretary General António Guterres on issues concerning youth. 

The children who attended received beautiful fans and bookmarks donated by WFWP Korea in the Gyeonginambu region, which is a sister region to WFWP Kenya, and made by children local children in Korea. Mrs. Susan Kone, President of WFWP Kenya, showed photos of the children making the items in Korea. The children were all so impressed and grateful for the presents. WFWP Kenya gave donations of food items which were shared by all the participants. Mrs. Margaret Nyaingo, Vice Chairperson of WFWP Kenya, gave a lecture on character education which was greatly appreciated by the teachers and children.

After the donations, the director of the SMAK center received some tokens and gave closing remarks, thanking WFWP Kenya for holding the program in their center. She promised to work in partnership with WFWP in educating and empowering the youth in the community and to create an environment of peace. There were 50 participants.

The program concluded with a group photo and refreshments.