Italy: Supporting Ukraine Community

Italy: Supporting Ukraine Community

JANUARY 4, 2017

On December 5th 2016, Elisabetta Nistri President of WFWP Italy, together with WFWP young women representatives and other friends, participated in the demonstration DISPLACED, a photographic show promoted by the British Ambassador of Kiev and the NGO Stabilization Support Service.

Rome hosted the show from December 5th to 14th for the second part of the European tour, the objective of which was to garner attention for the question of the internally displaced person (IDP) in Ukraine.

The main parts of the show included Ukrainian citizens and their families who, because of the conflict in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, had to start their life from nothing in a new country. They shared their personal stories, revealing the difficult experiences of a refugee.

Nina Vidomenko began her story, 

"When you leave home with only one suitcase to go away for a couple of weeks, without being allowed to go back for years it's something that makes you re-evaluate life's values. You understand that you can live with so few things." 

The show will soon be presented in Berlin, Brussels, L'Aia and Paris.

Tanya Kuzik, Director of the Ukrainian School in Italy and Ambassador for Peace, thanked WFWP together with the other associations for their support for the Ukrainians in Italy.

Elisabetta Nistri took contact information from the organisers of the event, presenting the ideas to reconciliate and resolve the conflicts on women, that the WFWP is working on in many parts of the world including Ukraine where the WFWP is present as an association recognised by the government.