Italy: Int'l Women's Day 2017

Italy: International Women's Day 2017

MARCH 21, 2017  


The President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, held a convention to celebrate International Women's Day with the theme "Women of Peace." He invited women representing major institutions in the political and corporate sphere and from the media. Elisabetta Nistri, President of WFWP Italy, was among those invited to the ceremony.

Several of the speakers pointed out how the women who participate in peace treaties manage to bring 25% better results to conflicts. The main reason, as presented by the speakers, being that women search for dialogue on a common basis and for a resolution that brings benefit to both parties, while men tend to believe peace can be attained when one side wins over the other. The female representatives of the Italian army who are committed to a peace mission shared that wherever they had been, they had seen that where women have an opportunity to study and to work, the society is prosperous, the children don't suffer of hunger and children, too, can go to school. They shared how women who take responsibility for their work are generally more serious and responsible than men, both in paying back debts and in making the impossible to not fail.

At the end of the convention, drinks were offered in the reception hall and Mrs. Nistri socialized with government ministers and the Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, inviting her to WFWP Italy's convention on 15th of March being held at Parliament.

Mrs. Nistri had a warm conversation with President Mattarella during the reception, presenting some of WFWP's projects and thanking him for choosing such an important theme for this day.