Haiti: New Literacy School

Haiti: New Literacy School

OCTOBER 18, 2018  

WFWP Haiti Constructs Literacy School in Miragoâne

On October 5th, 2018, WFWP Haiti, with the support of WFWP International, held the opening ceremony for the new literacy school in Miragoâne, Haiti.

The ceremony opened with a moment of silence in honor of Mrs. Lunese Valcy, WFWP Miragoâne Branch Leader and project leader of the literacy school, who died in a traffic accident two years ago during the planning for this school. The group stood at the site of the accident and offered their prayers. 

After this sobering moment of reflection, the group headed over to the school where the ribbon was cut and they entered the doors for the first time to continue the ceremony in the newly constructed classroom.

The MC gave a brief presentation on WFWP Haiti's activities, while the project leader for the school, a member of WFWP Japan, explained the background and her personal reflection of the three years process from planning to construction of the school.

WFWP Haiti welcomed a special guest, the mayor of Miragoâne city, who offered his congratulations.

In closing, the teacher in charge of the literacy class shared success stories of students who are now able to write because of the class offered by WFWP Haiti. The teacher encouraged more people to attend this six-month course and expressed how this facility is a sign of hope for many more students to come.

WFWP Haiti would like to offer its sincere gratitude to all those who supported the construction of this school.