Haiti: Int'l Women's Day 2017

Haiti: International Women's Day 2017

MARCH 17, 2017  

WFWP Haiti held an event to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8th, 2017. Over 80 people participated in the event, including students of literacy classes offered by WFWP Haiti.

Three general directors of public office attended as special guests, all three of whom participated in the Caribbean Global Women's Peace Network (GWPN) event held in the Dominican Republic last autumn. They gave encouraging speeches, which the audience visibly appreciated.

During the event, 20 exemplary students of WFWP Haiti's literacy courses were awarded special certificates by the Director of State for Literacy Education.

WFWP Haiti has been promoted in the government's literacy education project since 2008.

A representative literacy student gave a reading in front of the guests, showing just how far their reading ability had come thanks to the courses.

During the event, WFWP Haiti appointed two new Ambassadors for Peace, who received their certificates from the president of WFWP Haiti.

They were pleased saying that they, as an Ambassadors for Peace, will do their utmost to improve the position and development of women to create a good nation.