Color My Heart With Peace Contest

70 years after the outbreak of the Korean War, North and South Korea are still divided. Let us imagine a world where there is peace between the two Koreas, and express that hope through the power of art.


The purpose of this project is to foster the hope of peace among our youth through cultivating their talents in the field of visual arts, encouraging self-expression around the theme that is Color My Heart with Peace. Along with aiming to promote the use of art as a medium for self-expression, we want to raise awareness about the relationship of the two Koreas and the prospect of a sustainable peace for children.


In 2004, Color My Heart with Peace was created in Thailand through WFWP Thailand. Since then, between 500 and 1,000 children have been able to participate in the contest each year. Over the years there have even been themes surrounding the contest such as, “My Smile is Thai Smile,” “World Peace is My Happiness,” and “Water for Peace.” At Women’s Federation for World Peace, we’re dedicated to spreading the message of sustainable peace and the empowerment of women as well as the future generation. It is essential that we support the development of children so that they are able to reach their full potential. We believe that through art, they can discover another source of self-expression where they can channel their creativity and perhaps find a talent in it too.



Color My Heart with Peace relays WFWP’s mission of aiming for sustainable peace and introduces the organization’s message to the hearts of the future generation to carry forward with them by encouraging them to express what it means to them using art as their voice.


  • To raise awareness about the two Koreas

  • To foster the idea of peace and harmony

  • To provide young students a platform to artistically express themselves



Children and students aged 7-11 (born in 2008-2012) as of December 31st 2019.


  • 1 Gold Award winner

  • 1 Silver Award winner

  • 2 Bronze Award winners

  • 8 Merit Award winners

  • 30 Achievement Award winners

The Official contest begins: October 21, 2019

The deadline to submit artwork: December 6, 2019

Announcement of Winners: 13 December, 2019


Upload a scanned picture of the artwork on the Facebook page along with the hash-tagged nationality, name, age of the artist, the title of the artwork (example) #Argentina #HannaTayler #OurPeace #8


  • Artwork must be done on 100-pound paper or equivalent, A3 in size.

  • Medium of artwork must be paint. Watercolor or acrylic paint is acceptable.

  • On the back of the artwork, the following details must be written down:

    • Student’s name, age, address, and

    • Telephone number

    • Name of the student’s school, and contact details (telephone number/teacher’s email) if possible

  • Artwork should not have been previously used for other contests or been published elsewhere.


Each submitted artwork will be under proprietary rights of Women’s Federation for World Peace, International.


  • Creativity 30%

  • Interpretation of the theme 30%

  • Overall impression of the artwork 20%

  • Facebook likes 20%


Stage ONE: Initial meeting with project committee and everyone involved, promotion of the contest, getting in contact with schools and sponsors

Stage TWO: Submission period, which should take at least two months to allow sufficient time for applicants to work on their artwork

Stage THREE: Judging period where meetings with the jury will be held to evaluate all the artwork

Stage FOUR: Release of results and distribution of awards/certificates



  • Develop a better understanding of the two Koreas

  • Develop confidence in one’s artistic abilities

  • Develop deeper insight into peace and harmony


  • Develop a relationship with local schools

  • Strengthen WFWPI’s relationship with the UN

  • Continue to conduct Color My Heart with Peace events in growing numbers of chapters

Take a look at some of the art work submitted for 2019: