Brazil: 2018 Annual WFWP Convention

On December 15, 2018, members of WFWP Brazil gathered at the Convention Center Hotel in Sorocaba for its annual Convention.

The meeting was attended by women leaders, among WFWP state leaders, volunteers, and members of WFWP Brazil.

Mrs. Onnan, president of WFWP Brazil, began the meeting with words of greeting and thanks for the presence of all and offered gifts to the women participants. She spoke about the importance of WFWP’s various social activities, contacts with women leaders in society, and activities in partnerships with other NGOs.


At this meeting, WFWP Brazil women leaders had the opportunity to present their reports on their local activities developed in 2018, especially in concern to women’s policy and outreach in society, as well as organizations coming closer to and working together with WFWP. Presenters included: Mrs. Yolanda Almeida, WFWP leader of the city of Brumado-BA; Mrs. Célia Zaduski, leader of the state of Paraná; Mrs. Ilda Zampiva of Rio Grande do Sul; Mrs. Lúcia Souza of Rio de Janeiro and Vice-President of WFWP; and Mrs. Sheila Santos.

This annual conference is a time for WFWP Brazil’s leadership to share, motivate on another, and be even more determined for the work of the coming year of 2019.