Biennial Report 2007-2008

Overseas Volunteer Activities & International Service Project


The Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) is an NGO, founded in 1992 under the motto, "Humankind is a Family living in one Home, the Earth." It seeks to enhance the condition of women and children throughout the world, based on the spirit of motherly love and service. Since 1994, it has dispatched volunteers worldwide, to implement development assistance activities aimed at "freedom from poverty," based on local needs. As a UN NGO, WFWP has endeavored, especially since 2000, to contribute to the attainment of the "Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)," which are common, basic goals for the international society in the 21st century.

The economic crisis in 2008 dealt a blow not only to the superpowers, but to countries worldwide. The United Nations is concerned that the achievement of the MDGs is becoming more elusive due to the acceleration of poverty.

At the work sites of WFWP as well, cost escalation has caused difficulties. Yet, thanks to our international cooperation system developed over the years, we see yearly improvements in the quality of WFWP school management, the rate of these students entering into higher education, as well as their employment rate. The governments of the countries WFWP has supported have given high evaluation marks to its projects and activities.

As one of the results of climate change today, devastating disasters are taking place. In one country, for instance, many children whose tuition was being supported by Japanese foster parents, were living in a disaster-struck area. While these foster parents prayed and strove to find means to communicate with them, the safety of every single child was thankfully confirmed through such incidents, we are reminded that not only financial support, but also the ties and trust like those found in a family, are essential elements for world peace and stability.

As the saying goes, "The constant dripping of water can wear away a stone." We believe that as long as there are people who need support, humanity should not cease its work to assist them and build hope for the future. Making consistent effort, step by step, is a valuable way to overcome the present difficulties.

Without realizing the MDGs, there will be no World Peace. Let's continue to raise awareness of these Goals and start with something we can do, near at hand.

This report is a summary of part of the activities in which volunteers dispatched by WFWP Japan and WFWP members of the respective countries cooperated together, from 2007 to 2008. It is our hope that the report will provide a better understanding of our engagement in efforts to realize the MDGs.