Benin: 11 women Ambassadors for Peace appointed


On December 12, 2018 at the Beaurivage Hotel in Porto-Novo, WFWP Benin appointed 11 women as Ambassadors for Peace. The Women’s Network of Parliamentary Public Servants of the National Assembly of Benin was honored.

After the welcoming address by President of the WFWP Benin, Mrs. Marie-Jeanne Loko, special envoy, Rev. Tatsuo Sasaki spoke on the social development in Africa. A presentation of the five universal principles of the Ambassadors for Peace were given by Vice-President of WFWP Benin, Mrs. Blandine Ehouman and elaborated on by Dr. Paterne Zinsou. The 11 women being honored were then given their certificates as newly appointed Ambassadors for Peace.

Dr. Zinsou urged the recipients to work harder to promote peace. In addition, Ms. Claudine Madorite, former Ambassador for Peace, welcomed the new ambassadors and encouraged them to give the best of themselves in this new mission entrusted to them.

The recipient spokesperson thanked WFWP Benin for the event. She then urged fellow female recipients to work harder to promote peace in their respective families, their entourage, the nation and the African continent. She promised on behalf of all the distinguished women never to disappoint WFWP and its founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

A group photo and a cocktail party concluded the ceremony.