Belarus: Weaving a Pattern of Family Happiness

On the 18th of May, a family festival called “UZOR” took place in Minsk, Belarus.

On the 18th of May, a family festival called “UZOR” took place in Minsk, Belarus.

UZOR was initiated by representatives of WFWP in Belarus, and was organized with help from the Minsk city administration; the Republican Center of Natural Cultures; Home of the Family, an educational center; and a public association, Family World.

The name of the festival was chosen for its meaning, both in Russian and Belarusian. In Russian “UZOR” means “to weave”. Individuals who live their lives full of good deeds can come to together to weave a beautiful pattern. In Belarusian this word means “example”. On this bright day, full of warmth and positivity, people from different nations exhibited their support for family values and their nation’s family traditions. The festival provided countless examples to guests on how families can spend time together, having fun and doing activities they all found interesting and useful.

The goals of the festival were to spread true family values, provide examples of an attractive family lifestyle, and promote a healthy lifestyle. These goals were encapsulated in the motto of the day: “family is the treasure of the nation”.

In honor of the family, the festival began with an award ceremony on the main stage, where several families were presented with certificates and prizes. The awardees included: large families who have 10 or 11 children; a family that had recently celebrated their golden wedding, a Belarusian tradition in which a couple celebrates having been married for 50 years; and the family of a man who had lost his limbs but through maintaining a positive attitude and determination, was able to start a family, became a father of 4 children, and became a motivational speaker. Each awardee conveyed a kind message to the assembled guests of the event.

Throughout the day, a concert took place on the main stage. Guests of the festival enjoyed performances from a diversity of national groups, including Moldova, Russian, and Tatar-Bashkir, who permanently live in Belarus, and songs and dances from groups of children.

In addition to performances, guests were invited to participate in a number of other activities throughout the day. Different art master classes, athletic competitions, lectures about family life, an artisan fair, a food court, a soap bubbles show, and many other interesting and family-oriented activities were provided for the guests of the festival.

The day also included an opportunity for couples to renew their marriage commitments. Twenty-one couples participated in this ceremony, renewing their vows of fidelity to one another.


The reaction from the guests was positive. People enjoyed spending time in the bright, kind, and welcoming environment that the festival provided.

Guests and participants left with a deep feeling of gratitude:

From our whole family we send a big gratitude to all organizers and volunteers of the festival. We felt like we were in paradise. So many families, children, bright colors!!! So much kindness. It was unexpected and pleasant that there were no alcohol tents at this event. Our children are very happy, such a wonderful family holiday. We wish such festivals would be organized more often. It instills good family values. A deep bow to everybody who made this festival.
— UZOR Guest
Thank you for such an atmosphere! It was warm and friendly like in a real family. We wish peace love and prosperity to your kind project!
— UZOR Participant