The Albanian chapter of WFWP was initiated in 1995. It has since created a wide network of contacts and supporters throughout society, from women politicians and NGO leaders to journalists, academics, and housewives. Albanian culture is characterized by strong family ties, openness towards others and harmony between religions. Therefore, the ideals of WFWP easily find a common ground in this country.

Over the years, WFWP-Albania has organized various activities in cooperation with local authorities, schools and other NGOs and institutions. The focus of these activities ranged from fostering a culture of peace to character education for youth.

Albania has a highly patriarchal tradition, and domestic violence is a serious social problem. For this reason, WFWP-Albania has undertaken many initiatives aimed at the prevention of violence. Various UN days have also been observed: Day of Families, Day of the Elderly, Day of Peace, and International Women's Day.

Albania is still the poorest country in Europe, with a low average income and a high level of unemployment. By mobilizing community resources, activities to support people in need have been organized. For example, collecting used clothes, which were later donated to selected families. Occasional cooperation with WFWP chapters abroad allowed for larger donations. In 2003, WFWP-Austria donated a truck of clothes and other goods for families in northern Albania, and in 2011, WFWP-Japan, donated food and equipment to orphanages. Also, Japanese volunteers provided help to hospitals in the early years of WFWP.

Albanian women are hard working. They are expected to fulfill most of the domestic duties without the help of their husbands. Many of them also work professionally, juggling various responsibilities and caring for their families. WFWP-Albania recognizes the need for grassroots activities, where women can meet, receive guidance and education, or simply relax and share. Such activities are organized regularly in several cities.

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