Ghana: WAIT to Empower Our Young People

Abstinence Club Comes to Ghana

From July 10 to July 24, 2018, six members of the abstinence youth organization WAIT United Kingdom (UK) made a tour of local schools and WAIT Clubs in Accra and officially launched WAIT Ghana. The aim of the organization is to educate the teenagers from 12 to 19 years about the importance of abstinence before marriage. WAIT was founded in the United States and was brought to the United Kingdom through Dr. Marshall De Souza.

At their arrival, the WAIT UK team collaborated with WFWP Ghana to visit several schools in which WAIT clubs have  already been established by their representative, Ms. Diana Joo Yeon Nkasia.

Adabraka Presbyterian was the first school they visited, where they met more than 200 students and gave talks on the twelve reasons why teenagers must abstain. They explained the biology of HIV/AIDS, as well as the rules of the organization.

On Friday, July 13, WAIT UK, supported by WFWP Ghana, organized the official launch of WAIT Ghana. The program was held at the teachers hall in Accra. 215 representative students from six different schools in Accra were in attendance, along with 55 guests.

During the program, two main speakers gave presentations and a cake was cut to officially launch WAIT Ghana. The audience had the opportunity to watch a dance performance from the UK team. Students from two schools also performed sketches on teenage pregnancy. More than forty active students in WAIT Clubs were awarded prizes.

On Saturday, July 14, the UK team organized a one-day workshop for 21 youth who reside in Accra. The following day, July 15, a three-hour general information session was held for the public to explain the rules and regulations of the organization. About 60 people were in attendance.

The next couple of weeks saw the UK team visiting more schools and inspiring the Ghanaian youth.