Summary Report

AMR Innovation Fair and Millennium Development Goal Awards

JULY 23, 2007 - GENEVA  

Summary Report


In 2007, the two major programs of ECOSOC that involve participation of NGOs with consultative status to ECOSOC are the AMR Innovation Fair, a parallel event to the High Level Segment of ECOSOC's annual substantive sessions and the Millennium Development Goals Awards. The Annual Ministerial Review is a part of ECOSOC's High Level Segment whose purpose is to advance and assess progress made in implementation of the UN development agenda, including achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. The "MDGs Award" gives tribute to the organization with a noteworthy successful initiative toward achievement of one of the 8 MDGs. This year's MDG Award will be awarded for achievement toward Goal 2, "Achieve universal primary education". Both programs were first initiated in 2007.

Annual Ministerial Review (AMR) Innovation Fair

The 1st AMR (Annual Ministerial Review) Innovation Fair was held in Palais des Nations Geneva UN HQ, July 2-5 2007. WFWPI and thirty other NGOs in consultative status submitted their success stories on the theme of the AMR, "Strengthening effort for the eradication of poverty and hunger through global partnership for development" to the NGO Section by the May 14th deadline. After a national and regional fair, twenty-seven NGOs including WFWPI were invited to the Global Fair where the NGOs were provided the opportunity to showcase their success stories through booths at an exhibition. (The number of NGOs in consultative status as of 2005 is 136 in General Consultative Status and 1693 in Special Consultative Status.)

Three Success Stories from WFWP

WFWP displayed three success stories from

  1. WFWPI Study Tours & Youth Volunteers

  2. WFWP Kenya

  3. WFWP United Kingdom

Display materials based on the success stories, including posters and fliers were done in Switzerland and other materials such as newsletters, DVDs and brochures were sent from NY and Japan.

Secretary General Mr Ki-Moon Ban stopped at the WFWP booth when he was visiting the Innovation Fair prior to his opening statement on the first day of the ECOSOC meetings. He was greeted in Korean by a Swiss WFWP member and had a conversation with her regarding WFWP activities.

Special Remarks

Because this year marks the halfway point to the year 2015 target date for MDGs, the UN is emphasizing the importance of enhancing the partnership between the UN and the NGO community. SG Ki-Moon Ban stated that,"The UN can only do its job properly with partners. We will need to forge even closer ties with civil society groups. Each has unique contributions to make." The two new programs of ECOSOC are meant to mobilize the NGOs for this purpose. Consequently, as an NGO with General Consultative Status, WFWP International's participation in the 1st Innovation Fair was an excellent way to contribute to the UN. Up until now, NGO participation in the ECOSOC Substantive Session was very limited. This Innovation Fair is a milestone for NGO participation, especially if it becomes an annual event. (Next year it will be in NY).

MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) Awards

We applied for the MDGs award by submitting the forms and supporting materials explaining WFWP projects focused on primary education, prior to the May 11th deadline. We are awaiting the announcement of winners from the NGO Section. The award ceremony will be in October in Brasilia, Brazil.

Please visit ECOSOC's AMRInnovation Fair at Please find attached photos and posters from Innovation Fair.