66th - Youth Caucus Report

Education and Youth Employment, Unemployment and Underemployment


Youth Caucus Report

The third Youth Caucus of the 66th UN DPI/NGO Conference was titled, "Education and Youth Employment, Unemployment and Underemployment." Ms. Eunhee Jung, the founder of IVECA (International Virtual Exchange of Classroom Activities) explained her past where teaching and education played an important role and stimulated her to become a teacher herself. However, Ms. Jung felt that something was missing in the educational system, compared to other countries. Eventually Ms. Jung created an international school system involving the use of internet. Through the internet system, children are able to interact with other students from all corners of the world, thereby creating global citizens who care for and understand the situation of others. Also, the system is an ingenious platform for better learning opportunities, especially for children in developing countries. What is inspiring of Ms. Jung, is her sincere heart and endurance in creating and developing her own exchange program. Ms. Jung encouraged the youth and audience members to realize that it is the individual that creates their own success, that is through seeking opportunities and exploring what the individual, or global citizen can offer to the world. Ms. Jung's key to success is passion, having a clear goal and to be persistent. 

At the end of the youth caucus, there was discussion in smaller groups focused on the realization and accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by youth and NGOs. Some channels that were mentioned were through businesses, educational programs, media and promotion by governments, and campaigns by civil organizations. It became clear that the SDGs should be a way of life, and that no one should be left behind.