Malaysia: Students for Peace Leadership Conference

Malaysia: Students for Peace Leadership Conference

APRIL 19, 2018  

3,000 University Students Gather at Top University

On March 10, 2018, WFWP Malaysia successfully organized the Students for Peace Leadership Conference in collaboration with the Student Representative Council of University Putra Malaysia (UPM), one of the top universities in Malaysia. The university also served as the venue for the event.

Three thousand students from 13 local universities participated in this event. The distinguished guest of honour, the First Lady of Malaysia, who is also the patron of WFWP Malaysia, attended and officiated the event, accompanied by the President of University.

The National Messiah of Malaysia, Dr Yoo Chong Young delivered the congratulatory remarks and testified True Parents through his historical meeting with Sir Anthony Brooke, former Crown Prince of Sarawak (now one of the 13 states in Malaysia). Back in 1964, Anthony Brooke received a revelation about True Father. He traveled all the way to Chung Pa Dong old headquarters in Seoul, Korea just to meet and testify True Father as the messiah.

During the opening ceremony, the First Lady sounded the Peace Gong three times and also launched the Peace Silk Road for Universities. She was very touched and happy. She expressed her hopes and expectations towards the young people in building a world of peace.

The First Lady also delivered the Youth Ambassador for Peace Award to 30 outstanding student leaders who pledged to exemplify the life of living for the sake of others in various fields and in their respective campuses.

The participants were touched by Dr Yoo's message of peace and also the lecture contents delivered by our speakers regarding the importance of the culture of heart and the roles of youth and students in peace-building.