Filling My Heart with Peace

My experience interning at the WFWP UN Office in New York

Working with the Women's Federation for World Peace, International as part of my internship program truly was a great experience. During my time there, I was able to witness their vision statement embodied in real life--women from various backgrounds all over the world working together realizing one global family.

Young Adult Participation

For the WFWPI young adults, one of the most notable moments of the conference was the realization that WFWPI is more than just another NGO; it has a unique and powerful voice with insight that is essential to establishing a peaceful world...As global citizens, the embodiment of these qualities and values is crucial in advancing toward a peaceful future.

Men Fighting for Women's Rights

The women's movement has taught much to men and changed them for the better to be more encouraging towards women or to have a greater role in raising children. We are so used to various privileges...That's why it is so crucial that men listen to the experiences of women and the organizations that represent them, such as WFWPI, and learn.

WFWPI UN Internship Reports

32nd Session of the Human Rights Council

Video report of the 32nd Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva by Nicole Thurner.