WFWP Brazil

Education is a key aspect of our work. We hold a monthly gathering where women who have important roles in the education of young people can meet and share. One of our most successful initiatives has been our lecture series "AIDS and True Family," which has been given in many schools all over Brazil.

WFWP Dominican Republic

WFWP, Dominican Republic has been active since 1994 with a focus on AIDS prevention education lectures as its main project. Early seminars were held in government and police institutions, churches, and private homes and even under trees. Many areas have no electricity and can be reached only by dangerous windy roads; yet many people came. Over 15,000 people of all ages have participated in the seminars during 2011-2014 because the educational material matched the urgent needs.

WFWP Paraguay

WFWP Paraguay has held hundreds of events, done important social work and established a vocational training institute, where low-income people can receive their industrial title recognized by the Ministry of Education.


Our current reach in Peru was established with the help of Japanese volunteers who laid the foundation in various cities in the mid 90s. The focus in those early years was on the education of family values in more impoverished regions. Since 2014, we have expanded our efforts to include forums, our signature Bridge of Peace ceremonies, talks on family values and women in the workforce, and cultural events.