In 1994, WFWP Japan sent volunteers to Africa to set up humanitarian projects. They established schools, vocational training programs and other educational support, including scholarships for students in need. Hygiene and nutrition education is provided all over the continent. This became the foundation for women leaders to create their local chapters and develop activities according to their country's unique needs.


Women of Asia, despite differences in faith, culture, or race, are bound together by a common vision of peace, dignity, security, and fullness of life for all. WFWP Asia is dedicated to uniting women to take action for the moral education and healing of our families and societies. Through empowerment educational programs, the region helps women acknowledge their unique value and responsibility to contribute to a world of love and peace.


We are active in thirty countries in Europe. Since 1994, hundreds of reconciliation programs have been initiated to heal the historic wounds of enmity and injustice and sow the seeds for sustainable peace. Our programs throughout the continent are supporting women's unique contribution to education, peace and leadership through humanitarian efforts and leadership training. We have United Nations relations teams in Geneva and Vienna.

Latin America

Our work in Latin America is as diverse as its people. We provide a range of activities, from bringing together the various ethnicities of Brazil in an annual festival to sisterhood ceremonies and character education to young people. Our vocational training and humanitarian efforts have made a substantial impact to women all across the region, empowering them to be financially independent and provide a stable income for their families.

Middle East

The Middle East region has received the services and healing influence of WFWP since 1994. Japanese volunteers worked in several institutions, contacted local organizations and established humanitarian projects in order to assist refugees, educate disadvantaged children, and empower women. WFWP holds an annual conference that gather women leaders from all over the region to share openly and offer solutions to creating sustainable peace in the Middle East.

North America

True leadership is not about position or power, but about serving and caring for others. In North America, we are educating and empowering women to use their unique talents to become compassionate, conscientious leaders through our interactive workshops, leadership training retreats, webinars, and our annual National Assembly. Healing and peace building are essential elements to our projects in the region.

Northeast Region

We hold intercultural peace festivals and charity programs that bring together talented families from around the region. Our work with children is a substantial part of our efforts, including charity projects and peace-building programs. Our dancing and singing ensemble in Russia, Angels of Peace, travels the world promoting peacebuilding through the arts. Ukraine focuses on supporting the elderly and disabled and educating women.


WFWP Australia and New Zealand work together to support women in the Pacific Islands through our humanitarian projects. Although our nations are different, we share the same heart. We are connected by our commitment to raising healthy and resilient families, empowering local women, raising future leaders, and partnering with other women organisations.