Christina Lange

At the 66th Un DPI/NGO Conference

In his address at the opening ceremony, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon remarked, "Youth must assume greater responsibility in creating a better world for all."

For the WFWPI young adults, one of the most notable moments of the conference was the realization that WFWPI is more than just another NGO; it has a unique and powerful voice with insight that is essential to establishing a peaceful world. While much of the world can be seen struggling to bridge the generation gap and resolve differences, WFWPI functions on a level of respect, reconciliation and partnership, across generations and for the betterment of all. As global citizens, the embodiment of these qualities and values is crucial in advancing toward a peaceful future.

Emmanuel Termine

WFWPI Internship Program - Geneva

The women's movement has taught much to men and changed them for the better to be more encouraging towards women or to have a greater role in raising children. We are so used to various privileges - such as automatically being taken more seriously - that we are not even aware they exist. That's why it is so crucial that men listen to the experiences of women and the organizations that represent them such as the WFWPI, and learn. In the end, men will only stop oppressing women if they change, which means tackling attitudes within their ranks that make possible the objectification of women or which normalize violence against women. This is one of the key arguments made by UN Women Goodwill Ambassadors such as Emma Watson, who actively campaigns to encourage men to support women. Unless men speak out, such attitudes will persist and the oppression against women will continue. That's why I am a proud intern of Women's Federation for World Peace International.