Women's Conference for Peace in the Middle East

WFWP gathers women leaders from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) for an annual conference to explore solutions for peace in the region.

Participants from areas with a history of conflict, separation and conquest are given a rare chance to be at the same table and engage in a candid exchange. Feuds cannot always be avoided due to the charged political climate. However, in every instance, the results have been remarkably guided toward mutual understanding, going beyond anger.

The women who attend this conference find themselves in an atmosphere of respect and understanding where they are able to discover the humanity of the "other side." They are delighted to meet women whom they would have never been able to meet otherwise because of the political situation in their countries. Many have formed friendly alliances.

At the end of each conference, a set of Recommendations, summarizing the proposals expressed during the conference, is proposed and voted upon. The participating women leaders disseminate these Recommendations to government agencies in their respective countries.

The fact that this women's conference has continued for 21 years shows that this blueprint has truly met the demand of the times.

is drafted and voted upon