CSW61 - WFWPI Parallel Event

Monday, March 13, 2017 | 4:30 pm

The steadfast, reliable wisdom of experience meets the techsavvy innovation of youth as we strive across generations to combine the best of sometimes contradicting input. Ultimately, women pursue the goal of creating security and affluence for their families and communities. However, without humility, both the elder and younger risk missing the incredible contribution of the other. Women do not demand but contemplate how best to advocate for the larger good, requiring a respect for ideas of all ages. As millennials join the workforce, both generations are challenged by the changing properties in nearly every area of work. If best practices of the experienced generation are enhanced by the networking skills of young adults, women will advance in the world of work. This event offers an interactive discussion between generations and nationalities with the opportunity to set aside arrogance and move forward together.