Cyprus Declaration: Recommendations 2016

October 13, 2016 - Larnaka, Cyprus

20th Middle East Women's Conference

Nearly 100 women leaders from 25 countries gathered in Larnaka, Cyprus on the 20th anniversary of the WFWP Women's Conferences on Peace in the Middle East to discuss the theme:

"Youth and Family: Key to transforming the Middle East and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals".

We came to the conclusion that because the turmoil generated by violence and recurrent conflicts is not being addressed at the root cause, the transformation we seek cannot happen without new thinking and fresh attitudes.

We understand that the key themes, "people, planet, peace, prosperity & partnership", can only be achieved when trust and solidarity is rebuilt between generations, within all segments of the society and between governments and the people.

We recognize this is a unique opportunity for the nations in the MENA region to constructively engage the concern, skills and experience of women and youth in the spirit of the pledge, "to leave no one behind".

A set of recommendation was agreed upon to and monitor our partnerships and guide our determination:

  1. (Family) Due to the vital role the family plays to create a culture of global citizenship and solidarity, it should be protected and empowered.
  2. (Family) Engage civil society professionals to provide support in parenting.
  3. (Equality) Women and men share responsibility to end injustice and discrimination and should be encouraged to plan and develop strategies together for that goal.
  4. (Women) Provide capacity-building resources for women to strengthen their public participation, building on their role as nurturers, mediators and leaders in their families and communities.
  5. (Youth) Give space to youth to develop their talents and creativity, express their views, and include them as a resource towards ensuring peace, justice and well-being for a sustainable future.
  6. (Intergenerational) Encourage intergenerational dialogue and cooperation for the benefit of all.
  7. (Education)- Enforce the right to education for all children as is mandated by law.
  8. (Education / Media) Put the knowledge-based society at the service of lifelong quality education as a key to creating a peaceful society.
  9. (Education) Peace Education curriculum is a valuable tool for teaching global citizenship and should be mainstreamed into school curricula.
  10. (Environment-stewardship) Create campaigns and to raise awareness, build partnerships and engage communities in environmental protection.
  11. (Partnerships) Encourage people to people and organization to organization cooperation to achieve the Goals.

Agreed by consensus

October 13, 2016