WFWPI Application for the MDG Awards

By: Motoko Sugiyama, WFWPI Vice President and Director of UN Office

Documents Submitted

As an NGO in General Consultative Status accredited with ECOSOC in 1997, WFWPI is committed to being a good partner to the United Nations by focusing on peace-building world wide through our unique and special signature project, the "Bridge of Peace" Sisterhood movement and poverty eradication through our International Service Projects (ISP) in fifty developing nations.

In May 2007 WFWPI submitted an application for the MDGs Awards

  1. WFWPI Application
  2. Recommendation Letter

Submission of 3 Success Stories

  1. WFWPI Study Tours & Youth Volunteers
  2. WFWP Kenya
  3. WFWP United Kingdom