Support Strategic Initiatives

WFWP Founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon has been emphasizing the wisdom of investment for the future in young leaders and, more recently, in nations with a potential for appreciable development. She stressed as well the importance of outside support - regional and global - for these strategic opportunites for development around the world. Over the next few editions, our newsletter will highlight these 13 nations, hoping that from amongst our readers, there may be ideas for networking and resource-sharing with these WFWP chapters.

Dominican Republic

WFWP, Dominican Republic has been active since 1994 with a focus on AIDS prevention education lectures as its main project. Early seminars were held in government and police institutions, churches, and private homes and even under trees. Many areas have no electricity and can be reached only by dangerous windy roads; yet many people came. Over 15,000 people of all ages have participated in the seminars during 2011-2014 because the educational material matched the urgent needs.

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo WFWP chapter has attracted a great number of eminent women leaders through their conferences, debates and various community projects over the years. Ministers, heads of political parties, Governors, Princesses, the daughters of a Tribal Chief, lawyers, university professors, and Presidents of NGOs and Syndicates have expressed great interest and appreciation for the ethical and ideological content presented to them. They felt enriched by their experience; many have received the WFWP Ambassador for Peace award and have decided to join our activities and projects. The DR Congo WFWP has a membership of 250, still in its young stage of development.